Hosted by the Arianna String Quartet, ACMF is open to violinists, violists, and cellists seeking an engaging learning environment that focuses on developing the complete musician through chamber music repertoire. Students in high school as well as young professionals benefit from the program at ACMF in its intensive but supportive atmosphere. The ASQ offers students a place to develop their musicianship and technique with helpful and inspiring methods for decision-making and problem-solving. Students leave with new perspective and understanding, empowered not only in the string quartet, but beyond: in one's practice and performances of solo and orchestral work, and in extra-musical collaborations and disciplines. 

High school and college age students may audition as preformed ensembles, or as individuals for placement into chamber groups.

ACMF takes place within walking distance to the famous Delmar Loop, "One of the 10 Great Streets of America (American Planning Association)." Participants will enjoy this unique and vibrant central corridor of St. Louis.